Running – David Dallas


Looking forward to seeing this guy at the Espy on Saturday. DD has been a household name to kiwi hip hop fans since he appeared on the Scribe “How Many” remix. I saw his last show 4 months ago with PMoney which was killer, and full of beautiful kiwi and islander types 😉

This show is going to be even BETTER because he’s coming with another awesome half Samoan rapper and another NZ household name – PNC. This guy has got the skills to pay the bills, and as i haven’t seen him perform for years I am MAD KEEN to head back


January 3 Julian Marley



So this guy is coming back to Melbourne Jan 3rd for a gig at the Espy and I’m excited! As one of the talented Marley boys with a voice eerily like his fathers, this is looking to be an awesome way to light up the new year

Here’s some music to smoke to, to get you in the mood